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2020/05/08:  Huygens' principle: Simple mechanistic reason for the phase advance of the secondary sources
2017/06/08:  Who does what in the Australian economy
2017/04/04:  What century is this? — the ambiguity of ‘plane of polarization’
2017/02/03:  ‘Passive’ value capture is best
2017/01/31:  How we encourage the black economy
2016/12/24:  The Georgist case for a vacancy tax
2016/10/08:  Εὕρηκα 4th–8th October 2016: The observation by Huygens that should have discredited Newton's ‘rule’ for the extraordinary refraction of calcite
2016/08/23:  The Devil's talent
2016/08/21:  Private prisons lead to tyranny
2016/08/17:  Jury nullification: Your last defence against bad ‘laws’
2016/08/16:  Separation of powers implied by rule of law
2016/08/14:  Three unofficial state secrets about the housing problem
2016/07/27:  The reverse onus of proof for drug possession is contrary to the rule of law and therefore unconstitutional in all jurisdictions
2016/06/29:  The compulsory ‘retirement’ of home ownership in Australia
2016/06/23:  Negative gearing and the children-overboard effect
2016/06/07:  Errata in various editions of Huygens' Treatise on Light
2016/04/20:  Cheap housing is good for business!
2016/04/02:  Would a State retail sales tax require a referendum?
2016/02/29:  The banality of drivel: Henry Ergas on negative gearing
2016/02/26:  If you're not a property investor, your retirement plans don't matter, says IPA
2016/02/22:  Adam Smith on the irrational belief in one's own good fortune
2016/02/08:  The pons asinorum of value-capture
2015/11/11:  Negative gearing in context
2015/09/17:  The day the deal was done
2015/08/10:  Equitable methods of abolishing PAYG personal income tax
2015/08/07:  Housing: The mother of all economic issues
2015/07/31:  Crescent of Venus in daylight, captured by point-and-shoot camera
2015/07/11:  The price cannot be right: Taxation, sub-intrinsic-value housing bubbles, and financial instability
2015/04/11:  Jupiter & moons captured by point-and-shoot camera
2015/03/06:  Can the Australian Constitution be changed without a referendum?
2015/02/02:  Fine control over sizes of fractions in LaTeX
2015/01/16:  Convened-sample suffrage: Reclaiming democracy from vested interests
2014/12/13:  The Georgist dimension of fiscal devaluation: Why it isn't a zero-sum game
2014/10/12:  Precedents say stamp duties on new cars are unconstitutional
2014/10/05:  Rewarding employers for taking workers off the dole: A self-funding tax cut
2014/09/27:  Negative gearing is so 18th century!
2014/08/17:  How to install a Brother MFC-7460DN printer/scanner over a network on Linux Mint 17 ‘Qiana’ MATE 32-bit ed.
2014/08/16:  How to convert a PostScript file to PDF, embed all fonts, embed substitutes for missing fonts, convert colors to grayscale, prevent lossy compression of images, and preserve image resolution
2014/06/25:  Buy up Australia fair!
2014/05/26:  Abbott's plot to circumvent the minimum wage
2014/05/13:  Budget 2014: Top ten reasons why you have to work until you're 70
2014/04/11:  Why real developers and builders should split from the HIA
2014/04/07:  How to negatively gear your home
2014/04/06:  If you are charged under a retrospective ‘law’
2014/03/26:  How to invert colors in a selected region with GIMP
2014/03/22:  How to avoid stamp duty when you move house
2014/01/26:  Errata for Chapter 1 of Allen & Mills, Signal Analysis: Time, Frequency, Scale, and Structure (IEEE/Wiley, 2004)
2013/12/08:  A self-contained derivation of Kepler's laws from Newton's laws
2013/11/26:  A multiplatform Helvetica-like font stack that suppresses Arial
2013/11/24:  Using MathJax with a ‘Classic’ Blogger template
2013/10/19:  Ramsey taxation means land-value taxation
2013/10/05:  Maximalist ‘fiscal devaluations’ for Greece and Australia
2013/08/07:  The price of eliminating ‘company tax’
2013/07/26:  Make banks collect personal income tax!
2013/07/14:  Pay all who collect tax, not just banks
2013/07/07:  Misrepresentation of ‘fiscal devaluation’ in the Weekend Australian
2013/05/30:  Internal devaluation by tax reform
2013/05/22:  You can increase the GST without raising prices
2013/05/14:  Retrospective laws breach separation of powers
2013/04/27:  Austerity without unemployment
2013/04/12:  Full employment: how the euro can work for Ireland, not against it
2013/03/25:  Is Australia's plus-70-year copyrort term unconstitutional?
2013/03/23:  The only way to make payroll tax legal
2013/02/07:  Abbott's constitutional own-goal
2013/02/04:  How income tax feeds into prices
2013/01/23:  Is myki unconstitutional?
2012/12/26:  Whether Section 82 of the Australian Constitution means what it says
2012/12/21:  Does the GST breach Section 55 of the Constitution?
2012/12/13:  An open letter to Australian Treasurers
2012/12/07:  Draft Federal Budget Speech, 2013-14
2012/11/25:  How inflationary is government-issued money?
2012/09/29:  Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 and Sabayon Linux 10 on Dell Vostro 360
2012/09/09:  Abolishing payroll tax & stamp duty is easier than you think
2012/09/05:  Three font stacks to match DejaVu / Bitstream Vera
2012/08/23:  Real reform is qualitative, not quantitative
2012/08/20:  The Parable of the Talents (Neoclassical Version)
2012/08/18:  The creation of Woman, and the Seventh Day (Neoclassical Version)
2012/08/17:  Render to Caesar... (Neoclassical Version)
2012/08/16:  How to redirect Blogger pages to external URLs
2012/08/06:  Font stacks that look similar in Windows, OS X, and Linux
2012/07/30:  Diagrams for ‘Barlow-Newtonian and relay-Newtonian’
2012/06/22:  Draft letter to the ATO
2012/05/13:  Linux in full HD (with brightness control) on Dell Vostro 360
2012/04/17:  Australia's payroll taxes are probably unconstitutional
2012/03/24:  Linux kernel 3.3 on Dell Vostro 360
2012/03/20:  Employers: How to scare off the tax man
2012/01/12:  Replacing property taxes and payroll tax
2012/01/09:  Keating's Great Big Tax on Everything
2012/01/06:  If Anna Bligh ran a body corporate (U.S. ed.)
2011/12/23:  How tax causes financial crises and unaffordable housing
2011/12/15:  Five secrets for a successful economy
2011/12/03:  Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 on Dell Vostro 360
2011/11/27:  Why renters are vermin
2011/11/11:  Prosper Australia's doco Real Estate 4 Ransom
2011/10/25:  Slump in property sales points to recession
2011/09/18:  Can banks really evict tenants?
2010/03/19:  Juries can already protect whistleblowers
2009/07/08:  Legal notices
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2009/01/25:  Raising Australia's market share — Take 2!
2008/04/21:  When $4 million for nothing isn't enough
2008/04/07:  Still on the mountaintop: Economically rational racism
2008/03/12:  Apply your razor to the FHOG — surgically
2008/02/29:  100 words for the Australia 2020 Summit
2008/02/27:  The myth of progressive taxation
2008/02/25:  Can you stop paying the mortgage and keep the house?
2008/02/11:  How the Left could learn to love a retail tax
2008/02/08:  Google shows two whales
2008/01/30:  Will we all be Keynesians again?
2007/11/28:  Why patents are ‘basically iniquitous’
2007/10/29:  The Mother of All BBQ Stoppers
2007/07/31:  Democracy vs. universal suffrage
2007/07/16:  Haneef: So much for the separation of powers
2007/07/15:  Haneef ‘charge’ unconstitutional
2007/06/03:  Corporate solution to rape
2007/03/10:  Secrets about the State Secrets Privilege
2006/07/24:  Victims in double jeopardy
Not quite a department-store telescope
2006/06/30:  Self-funding infrastructure
2006/03/31:  The essential difference between patents and copyrights
2006/03/14:  Infrastructure on a bootstrap budget
2006/01/06:  Little people vs. littler people
2005/12/19:  Majority verdicts threaten victims
2005/12/06:  Ball in Property Council's court
2005/10/19:  Patently perverse incentives
1999/12/26:  Flag designs, Southern Cross theme, 2:3
1999/12/12:  The Single Means Test
1998/02/27:  Flag designs, Southern Cross theme, 5:8
1998/01/11:  Flag designs, kangaroo theme
1997/10/20:  Modeling of Horns and Enclosures for Loudspeakers (PhD thesis)